Balancing your Sex Life by Healing the Sacral Chakra

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In order for sex to be healing, pleasurable, and as powerful as it was created to be, the sacral must be balanced. From the sacral comes sexual, creative, and emotional energy.

When the sacral isn’t balanced none of these energies can flow freely and we struggle to produce anything creative, connect to our emotions or the emotions of others, and struggle with all things sexual/pleasurable.

Many experiences in life can lead to blocked sacral chakras. If you’ve experienced body shame, a strict upbringing, sexual abuse or dysfunction, toxic relationships, religious indoctrination, or critical forms of social conditioning that have limited the flow of your life force energy, you likely have an impaired sacral chakra.
There are 2 ways that your sacral chakra can be unbalanced.

Deficient = lifeless, sluggish, passive, blocked, inwards (not enough energy flows in)
Excessive = lively, agitated, reactive, aggressive, outwards (too much energy flows in)

If you have a deficient sacral chakra, you will be more prone to issues such as detachment, emotional coldness, and sexual frigidity. On the other hand, if you have an excessive sacral chakra you will be prone to codependency, emotional explosiveness, and sexual addiction.

We all deserve amazing, mind blowing, healing, heart centered, soul deep sex/intimacy but we must first address, heal, and release what no longer serves us to achieve this!

Here are a few ways you can work on this part of your energy field.

✨Identify your sexual blockages
Best suited to: deficient sacral chakra blockages

What beliefs, ideals, and prejudices towards sexuality were you taught as a child? You might like to write these blockages down or speak about them with a good friend or counselor. Once you identify these blockages, you can then proceed to deconstruct them.

✨Meditate with and carry crystals
Best suited to: deficient and excessive blockages

Use sacral chakra crystals such as carnelian, orange calcite, selenite, jasper, and moonstone. My favorite sacral chakra crystal is amber, which you can buy here.

✨Become mindful of your emotional triggers
Best suited to: excessive blockages

Explosions of emotion can be balanced by becoming mindful of your emotional triggers. For example, if you discover that your fists start to clench when you get angry, slowly uncurl them and breathe deeply. If your blood temperature rises around a certain topic, become aware and present with that emotion.

✨Yoni Steam

Gently steaming the yoni with healing herbs and oils is an ancient healing priestess tradition to energetically, emotionally and physically nourish and cleanse the womb and to help awaken the feminine crown sacral chakra

✨Water and the second chakra:

Water is the element associated with the sacral chakra. Being close to the ocean, a lake, or even the rain are all immensely beneficial. Allow the flow of water to mirror the way your life and your life-giving energy flows through you with ease, joy, purpose, and pleasure. Even taking a simple bath or a shower can help calm and release the energy flow.

✨Turn on the music and dance, dance, dance
. Dancing around is a great way to get energy flowing throughout your entire body. If you’re shy, dance at home, if not head out with some friends and dance the night away.

✨Eat foods like melons, oranges, coconuts, and other sweet fruits. Remember to drink plenty of water for optimal health.

Chakra Healing Affirmations

Saying or writing affirmations each day is such a powerful practice because you are re-writing the scripts of your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind influences the way you perceive the world, and the external circumstances and relationships you attract.

Choose any that resonates with you! When you say these words, practice feeling into these words and experience the energy and power that surrounds these statements.

  • I give myself permission to explore, create, and play
  • I easily manifest my wishes and desires with joy
  • I love my body
  • It is safe for me to embrace my sensuality and sexuality
  • It is safe for me to feel my emotions
  • I allow my feelings to move through me freely
  • I honor the power in me
  • I know what I desire, and what I desire is mine to receive
  • I am in flow with life
  • I am in harmony with myself
  • I know how to get my emotional needs met
  • It is safe for me to express myself intimately
  • I am a co-creator
  • I know how to receive and give
  • I know how to nurture my emotions and feelings
  • I connect with others without losing myself
  • I embrace pleasure and abundance
  • I radiate joy and attract the sweetness of life
  • I am in touch with my creativity
  • It is safe for me to connect with my body
  • I am comfortable in my own skin
  • My creativity flows through me with ease
  • Embracing my sensuality and creative expression fuels my creativity and abundance.
  • I love myself

The balance point for the sacral chakra comes from learning to trust your intuition while at the same time not allowing yourself to be ruled by every emotion you have. It’s so easy to close yourself off from others and from your life, but that only creates blockages within.

Unblocking energy takes practice, patience, and intention. Use these practices regularly and you’ll soon notice a difference in how you feel.

You can also get help healing and unblocking your chakras with help from your ancestors.


Peace and Wellness, 

Lalu K.

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