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A frequent question I get is “How do I sync my cycle to the moon?” And although most women are referring to syncing their bleeding phase and ovulation phase to the new moon and full moon or vice versa, I want to remind you that you are always cycling with the moon no matter which lunar phase your moontime lands on.

It’s just a matter of noticing which moon phase it is. Different lunar phases bring different flavors to different phases of your menstrual cycle, it can feel quite different to bleed under a full moon versus a dark moon. And it can feel surprising if your cycle switches up a pattern you’ve been familiar with.

The key is beginning to notice the nuances in YOUR body, while keeping in mind that your cyclic body functions best when you live in alignment with the natural rhythms of day and night.

I understand the desire to want to sync a specific phase of your menstrual cycle to a specific lunar phase. And perhaps intuiting that your cyclic body is craving more balance and nourishment than is currently offered. I have an affinity for bleeding with the dark/new moon, as that is when I feel my body is most in sync with my environment and the moon, and it has always provided the most therapeutic and transformative moontime experiences.

Turn of the light for healthier, more pleasurable cycles

Artificial light and modern living does interrupt and alter our hormones and cyclical patterns. There is no wrong moon phase to bleed under, but there is a point to be made about how our heavy use of artificial light, minimal darkness, blocking natural sunlight, and our use of blue light emitting devices does alter our inherent rhythms, whether we are talking about circadian rhythms or infradian rhythms which the menstrual cycle falls under. So although you are always cycling with the moon, there are a few things I recommend for nourishing your cyclic body and using your connection with the moon to balance and tend to your menstrual cycle.

Three tips for using the moon to balance your cycle.

  • Minimize your use of artificial light at night, while making sure to enjoy natural sunlight during the day. This goes hand in hand with better sleep and hormonal balance.
  • Consider using blue light blocking glasses at night if you use screens or artificial light at night. I’m also a fan of using f.lux on my computer to minimize blue light exposure in the evenings.
  • Bathe in the moonlight, go outside and let the moonlight shine on you whenever it is available to you.

How the moon affects your menstrual cycle

For myself it’s been true that when I live close to nature with minimal use of artificial light, then I’m more likely to bleed near the dark/new moon. I’ve also have had the deepest experiences when bleeding on the dark moon, to the point that the women’s wisdom and body of work I’ve grown was born out of those inner experiences. And probably wouldn’t have come into being without bleeding under the dark moon.

Full moon bleeding holds an entirely different experience for me, not quite as deep. Full moon bleeding will never be my favorite, but it is sometimes where my body flows – I prefer to try and welcome the flavors of different lunar phases in relation to my menstrual cycle, while nourishing my body with minimal light and going with the flow of where that takes me. And from many years of paying attention to what it feels like to bleed under a new moon versus full moon or waxing moon, I’ve found a pattern to how my period interacts with different lunar phases in relation to what is going on in my body and inner life. There’s so much to learn from studying ourselves.

☾ Bleeding on a dark or new moon brings the depth of stillness to your moontime, it begs for a different slowness that in return can take you deeper into your feminine center to feel, heal, and release.

❍ Bleeding on a full moon brings more energy, there can be a certain push-pull between the inner downward flowing energy with the outward full moon energy. But it can also bring a lightness to the otherwise deep inward time that our bleeding phase brings, allowing you to be more IN the world, while practicing staying at home in your feminine center.

☽ Bleeding between on a half-full, waxing or waning moon may signify a time of shedding and transition in your inner world. If it’s not your usual phase to bleed under you might notice an unusual cycle as you are transitioning, often with emotions coming up to the surface.

♡ Then there is your natal moon, which is the lunar phase when you were born under (google can help you if you don’t know). You may find that your natal moon is the one that brings you the most transformative experiences, if you are actively working with your cyclic wisdom. Also your fertile window may gravitate to this lunar phase when you are creating.

Discover your own lunar wisdom

I’m not a fan of some of the common generalizations around what the moon means in relation to the menstrual cycle. There’s so many nuances to consider. Some people like to say, that bleeding on the full moon (“red moon cycle”) signifies a priestess or shamanic energy that is focused on sharing your gifts with world. Whereas a new moon period (“white moon cycle”) is the fertile cycle for growing and creating. I’ve found that the true nuances and wisdom of how the lunar phases interplay with our cyclic bodies are much more subtle and personal than that, particularly when we take into account the influence of our natal moon as well.

The Five Daily Questions are a great way to begin noticing which moon phases syncs up with each day of your menstrual cycle. Over time you may begin to notice subtle differences as you tune into your lived experience as a woman noticing both her cyclic body, and the cycles of your environment. This inner curiosity and willingness to sit in wonder and reflection is what grows real cyclic wisdom over time.

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