My Favorite Yoni Steam Herbs

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  • Some of my favorite herbs for yoni steaming are…

    Here are my top 6 herbs for yoni steaming:⁠

    🌿 Rose ⁠
    🌿 Chamomile⁠
    🌿 Lavender⁠
    🌿 Ginger⁠
    🌿 Rosemary⁠

    Yoni steaming is a powerful self-care practice to bring fresh energy and warmth to your womb. ⁠

    This ancient ritual is used in many healing traditions and cultures.⁠

    It encourages healing and connection in the womb space, and can be done on your own time, in your own home with dried herbs, and with herbs that grow right around you…⁠

    Isn’t it mindblowing how much the Earth cares for our wellbeing?⁠

    If you want to learn how do make your own yoni steam, head over to the linkinbio for a free Yoni Steam Guide that breaks it all down for you.⁠

    Disclaimer: Please note that this is educational material, and you should always do more research or consult a provider before steaming. Yoni steaming is not for everyone. Check out our Yoni Steam Guide for contraindications and more information. 


    lalu k.

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