Ways to Ground Yourself During Chaotic Times: Crystal Edition

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Peace, Light and Liberation Family
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I wanted to give a whole sermon lol on the events that are happening currently but it seemed redundant. Everyone knows what’s going on outside. So I decided to offer a few holistic alternatives on how to handle your sanity during these times.

Before we get started discussing what crystals you can use to ground yourself, let’s talk about what it means to be “grounded.” Being grounded means that you have a deep connection to your core and you feel a sense of balance and calm within yourself, even when the circumstances of life get hectic.

Lalu’s Treasures Ways to Ground Yourself During Chaotic Times:
The Crystal Edition
Black Tourmaline. can be used as a protective shield against any negative entities bombarding your energy field. This stone also negates any fearful thoughts or negative intuition so that you may continue along your journey without anything holding you back from reaching your highest potential. Not only does black tourmaline keep negative energy away from you, but it also serves as barrier ensuring that you do not assume someone else’s degrading energy. It is an extremely influential stone that can force the gray cloud above your head to evaporate into the air.
Ways to work with your Black Tourmaline Crystal:

During meditation. Get into a comfortable position and focus on your breath, while holding onto your back tourmaline, imagine all tension flowing from your body into the crystal, being transmuted into positive energy.

In your home. Place black tourmaline near your bed or in the corner of a room, for amplified protection for you and your space.

Carry it with you in your pocket for extra protection while in public or at work.

Wear jewelry that has black tourmaline in it, such as a bracelet or necklace.


Peace, Light and Liberation Family
Lalusrootsnconjure.com to purchase stones

Red Jasper. Red jasper is a beautiful stabilizing and comforting stone. It works to energize and strengthen the root chakra, thus bringing a greater sense of safety and security. It's nurturing yet energizing, helping you reconnect and ground into the foundations of your life.

Chakra Placement:

Root Chakra (at the base of your spine) aligned with your pelvic bone and pelvic floor.

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