Activating Your Divine Feminine Energy Crystal Healing Set | Activate your Yoni

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...using crystals to activate your yoni: Whether you choose to make a family and have babies, make art, build a business, create community or any combination of these things, you are channeling life-force energy into the world as an offering and a gift. You are giving birth to new life.

Using your Yoni and Womb to CREATE.

Select your crystal(s) to work with and connect to their energy. in the pic below i curated a Yoni Steam Crystal Set Connect with and tune into your yoni-knowing. Set an intention.

Now you can work with your crystal in a number of ways;

Place it on your altar, desk or next to your bed, hold it during meditation, use it to charge your water or bath and or insert it directly into your yoni aka YONI EGGS (be sure to only use crystals that are safe for internal use).

Again, the key is to always listen deeply to your body and do what’s right for you when working with these two potent power sources.

Give yourself permission to explore and see what magic is there for you to discover!

This set comes with 5 Divine Feminine Energy Intuitively Selected Crystals that help to tap into and clearing the root of any blockages found in the womb.

My set helps with reconnecting to our sexuality and feminine essence, releasing blockages, improving drawing abundance and sexual health and increasing a woman’s ability to receive more pleasure in all aspects of her life!

This crystal set I offer supports women in feeling a deeper sense of alignment with their yoni, womb & heart. If felt led to, plz message me at check out what 3 areas you want to work on concerning this set.