Affirmation Cards

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Peace! I wanted to offer Affirmations and Reassure to a group of women who are often times looked over. Baby, you deserve all the love this world has! These cards are to empower and inspire.

You can use these cards in many ways but I’d like to make a few suggestions so that you receive the maximum benefits.

• Morning Meditation. Let positive thought take hold of your mind first thing in the morning.
Pull one card a day and allow your mind to rehearse the specific affirmation silently throughout the day and into the night.

• Use as a Journal Prompt. Explore one card a day and journal about what that specific affirmation looks and feels like for you.

• Keep a few cards visible throughout your day, especially the cards that challenge or inspire you.

• Use as a daily prompt and guide to take action in showering yourself with great Love.

May the wisdom of these cards inspire and enrich your life as you align with your self-honor, self-respect, and self-love. See yourself as worthy and valuable, because you are.

A big thank you to Micole for designing the cards!


30 Full Color Card Deck + 1 Instructional Card

Dimensions : 3.5 X 5.5 in