African Black Soap/Purification Soap

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100% Natural Raw African Black Soap, Organic, Unrefined

All the way from West Africa And is made from palm oil,palm kernel oil and water. The aroma and deep rich color result from the centuries old extraction process that blends the two.

Some of the uses for black soap are: shampoo(be sure to follow it with your regular conditioner), makeup remover, acne breakouts, fade skin discoloration, dark spots and acne scars, reduce discomfort for psoriasis and eczema, and helps relieve skin rashes.

Black soap is best stored in a container or sealed plastic bag for ideal use. Black soap has a high content of glycerin, so it may be best to speak to your dermatologist before trying ABS if you  have a known glycerin allergy. The healing properties of black soap make this an essential item, as its regular use will wash away any negative energy that may have been picked up in the course of daily activities.

USAGE: 1.Relieves acne and removes blemishes.

2.Prevents rashes,itching,dry and scaly skin from developing.

3.Cleans pores and rejuvenates the skin,leaving your body fresh and clean(Because all of our soaps are handmade, there may be slight differences in shape, color and size from what is pictured.

For longest life PLEASE keep your soap dry in between uses! Keep your soap out of pools of water and shower streams. We recommend a draining soap dish.)

Each Lalu's Treasure product is cleansed with Palo Santo before being shipped out.