Amethyst Tea Infuser/ Rose Quartz Tea Infuser

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Infuse positive vibrations into your cup of tea!!

One of a kind crystal tea ball infuser. Great for birthday gifts, Valentine’s day gifts, Mother’s day gifts, Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, graduation gifts, and just because!

Stainless Steel, for loose leaf tea or herbs.
Tea ball is 2”

Intuition • Relaxation • Peace. Amethyst healing crystals work as a natural stress reliever. It magnifies positive vibes while cleansing the body of negative energy. Amethyst encourages spiritual growth and positive introspection which helps you access your true feelings and increase intuition. Use this crystal tea ball in the evening to encourage restful sleep.

Rose Quartz is great for love, compassion and forgiveness, it balances the heart energy.

Tea balls are easy to use and clean! Just add your tea, lock the hinge to close, and steep as directed. To clean, please hand wash your tea ball while avoiding exposing the wire-wrapped stone to excessive or prolonged moisture. If you want to throw your tea ball in the dishwasher, please unclip the chain and pendant before doing so.

These tea balls are 1.5 inches in diameter and will hold at least 1 - 2 teaspoons of tea with room for the leaves to expand - perfect for a single (small or large) mug of tea! The tiny moon stones measure about 1 inch and the chain is approximately 3 inches in length.

Please note: Natural stones have slight variations in color and may vary slightly from what is pictured in the photos.