Certificate- Yoni Steam Practitioner
Certificate- Yoni Steam Practitioner
Certificate- Yoni Steam Practitioner

Certificate- Yoni Steam Practitioner

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Peace, Beloved!


Get Certified! to become a Professional Yoni Steam Practitioner 

Learn and Earn the
Lalu's Goddess Steam 


Enroll in our Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitators Course and become a certified vaginal steam facilitator. The entire course is held virtually online and self-paced so that you can work through your studies from the comfort of your own home and on your own unique schedule!

If you are looking for a place to study the practice of vaginal steaming in a safe and guided environment, we welcome you to join our ever-growing online community of vaginal steam facilitators! New students from all backgrounds and countries are registering for this program every day so start your enrollment when you are ready, and begin just moments after you register.

You’ll be under the instruction of Mama Lalu K, the owner of Lalu's Treasures who has successfully been in the uterine health, wellness, and herbal business for over 8+ years and who owns and operates a Yoni Steam Studio in Houston, Tx. 

You’ll learn about vaginal steaming from the top to bottom, covering subjects such as:

*How to measure and make balanced steaming blends 

*How to address specific concerns and situations 

*How to safely steam clients for advanced steaming sessions

*How to effectively screen clients and what specifically to look for 

*The properties of specific herbs 

*The connection to Vaginal steaming and skincare 

*Vaginal steam safety 

*Addressing critics 

*Discount code to use towards our Herbal course

*And so much more!


You'll be able to :

*Start your own business both online and offline

*Work from home

*Set your own hours

*No overhead

*Residual income

*Reach a wide range of women

*Start sells immediately

*Help yourself, your family and other women heal

 * Plus more! 

You’ll receive all of this information in one course. All you’ll need is a notebook, a handy pen, a computer, or almost any phone, and the willingness to learn. This course can be taken from anywhere in the world and can be completed in one sitting or as many as needed. 

Perfect for all women and men interested in learning how to cater to uterine heal care naturally, perfect for those already in the steaming business, women wellness advocates, doulas, beauty bars, hair salons/hairstylists, skincare/skin bars/ esthetician’s, waxing bars, eyebrows bars/technicians, spas. 

After the course and passing course finals you’ll receive your vaginal steam facilitators certificate, this is good to have as proof to clients that you’ve been trained and passed required exams to be a steaming facilitator and have gained sound knowledge on vaginal steam safety.

Yoni Steam Facilitator Certification  - Cost $350

(This course is offered worldwide)

  In this course you'll receive:

*Certified Vaginal steam facilitators certificate (no herbs included)

* Unlimited access to the course

* Unlimited uterine health & vaginal steam mentoring

* Unlimited access to any all-new findings concerning vaginal steaming and any new lessons added to the course.



*Passing Course finals is a requirement to receive your certificate




Ask yourself, what would I do with a Vaginal steam certification? If the answer is, I will use what I've learned to help heal myself, my family, and the women in my community toward healing their uterine health, then you are in the right place. 

You can be the one to inspire them to seek balanced uterine health. Show others the way to use plants to support uterine health & wellness. Explore, preserve, and honor this tradition. We must learn how to use this precious gift responsibly as well as intuitively. Let’s do this together, one lesson at a time.

Let’s get started!