Damiana Herb

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Damiana🌼 a dynamic aphrodisiac- This herb’s medicinal properties helps get that Sexy back! It Increases libido, Gets blood circulating to the yoni. This makes vagina plush and wet. It increases frequency and potency of orgasms- Which in turn takes sexual satisfaction to another level! ✨💫💥

It is also For treating and prevention of sexual incompetencies. It also great for boosting and maintaining mental and physical stamina. Used in treating depression, making moods happy, nervousness and constipation. 🌺😁😊💗

Fun Fact: Damiana isn’t just for women’s sexual benefit. It’s amazing for erectile dysfunction and has been shown to act as a herbal viagra for men 😊🤗🦸🏼‍♂️🏋🏽‍♂️

Each Lalu's Treasure product is cleansed with Palo Santo before being shipped out.

Comes in apx 1oz bag

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