Goddess Sage Stick

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One (1) Beautiful Goddess Floral Sage Bundle to adorn your alter and cleanse your energetic space.

These beauties are all handpicked by me personally and wrapped with love.

Every flower and herb is from my organic and chemical free gardens. The combination of herbs and trees thoroughly removes negative energy from your home and raises the protective vibrations.

Sage - The Native American tribes were known to use sage for multiple purposes such as healing, clearing space and ceremonies.

Bougainvillea- Self love , beauty and provides attractive energy to celebrate oneself. Divine Flower of love and gratitude.

Not only are these bundles beautiful but they heal the mind, body and spirit.

In spiritual cultures worldwide, smudging, and the burning of fires, has been an important part of ceremony and connecting with the divine. In Guatemala, the Mayan shamans say that smoke is the portal to the spirit world. By burning a sacred fire, fueled by incense and sweet smelling herbs and other offerings,and setting intent, we attract those energies we desire from the higher realms.

Smudging: For a quick yet efficient cleansing of the energy in your home, sacred ritual space or healing room, light a smudge stick and go around the place while waving the smudge stick through the air. Do this gently because if you wave it too vigorously it will cause many embers to break off and fall. To avoid damage to your home hold a bowl or a fireproof vessel underneath the smudge stick so that falling burning embers cannot damage furniture and surfaces.