Handcrafted Florida Water

Handcrafted Florida Water

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✨✨✨ Handmade Florida Water This is formulated from a traditional 1800's recipe and was made in a small batch. The Florida water is infused with orange blossom and contains Charged Water as well as precious wood and plant essences.

This Florida Water is based on a 19th century Cologne. It is popular among Hoodoo and other religious practices and is often used for spiritual cleansing and home protection, blessing, removal of negativity, offerings to the ancestors and other ritual and for personal fragrance as well! It has a very pleasing and calming fresh floral citrusy fragrance.

This is not a mass manufactured Florida Water which is available online at low prices. My Florida Water is handcrafted and uses traditional 80 proof vodka, Rose water, Neroli Water, Charged Water, Cinnamon Balk and therapeutic grade essential oils of the traditional Florida Waters.

The use of essential oils is very generous and it is very fragrant, so dilution is possible. It is a very refreshing and cooling splash and has a light, pleasing citrus-floral fragrance.