Honey Pot: Love Potion Oil

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Magickally blended & blessed this Golden Honey Pot Love & Attraction Potion Oil is designed to open your life to the love and prosperity you seek. πŸ’—

Oshun is the African Yoruba goddess of love, fresh waters, and fertility. She is a Divine Mother goddess, very connected to her own sensuality and sexuality.

Oshun encompasses Divine Feminine energy and all things sweet & pleasurable. Her energy is playful, charming and magnetic, drawing in joyful experiences and cultivating creativity, romance, self-love and abundance.

I created this Oshun Inspired oil for those wanting to open up their life to love and charm! ✨🐝🐝🐝

Made with sacred herbs, roots and oils that draw love, romance and affection to you, they are also great for those of you who may feel stuck, challenged or blocked.

It has the power to help open new doors and bring in new love energies into your life.

Not only does this oil smell feel good but its the power of the herbs in this potent blend, strong enough toΒ shift the energy around you.

The Carefully selected herbs promote beauty, power, self love, romance and confidence.