Honey Pot Soap |Love Drawing

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This soap is created to enhance the attraction that you exude. You may use this soap during your moon and love rituals or however you see fit. If you prefer to take showers over baths and can't do ritual baths, then this herbal soap is for you!

The Honey Potion soap contains gentle and loving herbs such as rose petals, rose leaf, red clay, and jasmine. The combination of these herbs creates a vessel for love to be drawn into your space.

Oshun is the African Yoruba goddess of love, fresh waters, and fertility. She is a Divine Mother goddess, very connected to her own sensuality and sexuality. Oshun encompasses Divine Feminine energy and all things sweet & pleasurable. Her energy is playful, charming and magnetic, drawing in joyful experiences and cultivating creativity, romance, self-love and abundance.

I created this Oshun Inspired Intention soap for those wanting to open up their life to attract and draw in love & loyalty. ✨🐝🐝🐝 Skin-loving ingredients make up this handcrafted soap, as it contains a Shea and mango butter base for softening skin, as well as olive and coconut oil to fade marks and refresh the skin.

This soap has a fresh and floral rose scent.