Liquid African Black Soap | Used to rid the body and aura of negativity

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✨In parts West Africa this soap is used during spiritual rites, rituals and initiations to thoroughly cleanse and rid the body of impurities, negativity, hexes, curses, and attachments. It can be used alone for daily baths or as part of your ritual bath. If using during ritual bath, wash yourself first with the soap then use the bath water that has the herb mixture to rinse off.

✨Or use can use this soap as your regular, daily shower soap to keep you physically and energetically clean.

✨Other benefits of using Raw African Black Soap are:
Thoroughly cleanses the skin, good for sensitive skin, may sooth and heal eczema, can reduce blemishes and dark spots, may removes facial and body acne, may eliminate fungal skin infections, may calm psoriasis, and even out uneven skin tone.

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