Make it Juicy Capsules: Yoni Vagina Moisture, Fertility, Boosts Libido

Make it Juicy Capsules: Yoni Vagina Moisture, Fertility, Boosts Libido

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Make it Juicy female enhancement supplement is Hand Blended with Maca Root, Slippery Elm and a fruit powder blend, it keeps you wet, increases stamina, makes you tasty 😋, and increases fertility.

This all-natural herbal powder (Maca and Slippery Elm) increases hydration and moisture of mucilage tissues of the body including : Vaginal, Stomach, Intestines, and Throat tissues.
Cranberry helps to treat and prevent UTIs. Our fruit powder blend improves the taste of your excretions.

Maca root has is an indigenous Andean vegetable . It is also known for its strong aphrodisiac benefits.

Slippery Elm Bark increase slippery wet mucilage tissues in our body including the vagina, vocal cords, and intestines. These powerhouse herbs combine to produce a wet and slippery vagina.
Life jackets are recommended, sis. lol

An all natural supplement from nature that relieves dry vulva / vagina syndrome fast! Takes a bout 2 days to start noticing the difference. In a period of 5 days, it is in full action for sure.




Results may vary

DIRECTIONS: By mouth, take 2-4 a day for 1 week, then just 1 a day for maintenance. drink plenty of water with it. Starts to work in 2 days. MANY OF MY CUSTOMERS take 3 all at once in am and then again in PM, and they get really fast results

Do not take more than 4 pills in one day.

Ingredients: Lepidium meyenii, Ulmus rubra, and an organic fruit powder blend (organic cranberry powder)