Manifestation Lotion

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Our MANIFESTATIONS Lotion contains all the ingredients necessary to get new energy moving into your life. The goal of this blend is to harness the abundance of the infinite universe.

Comes in 2 Potions. Which is yours?

GRAB THE BAG POTION: Whether you desire a new job, more money, a new apartment or even new love, Our Grab the Bag Money Manifestation Hand and Body Lotion has all the ingredients to help you get there. It’s the perfect blend to help you obtain your goals and aspirations. It’s known to help with any type of challenge or obstacle and can certainly give you the competitive edge. More importantly, it has a great scent that will turn heads with herbs that includes bay leaves, vetiver, orange, sandalwood, frankincense and bergamot. It comes in a 3 oz plastic bottle.

GOLDEN HONEY POT POTION: Magickally blended & blessed this Golden Honey Pot Love & Attraction Potion is designed to open your life to the love and prosperity you seek. 💗 It's also great for those of you who may feel stuck, challenged or blocked. It has the power to help open new doors and bring in new love energies into your life. Not only does this lotion smell good but its the power of the herbs in this potent blend, strong enough to shift the energy around you.

Our Lotion can be worn to increase your prosperity and overall well-being. Wear some on a date, during a job interview, when meeting new business clients, or applying for a loan. Rub some on your hands when handling important documents. After a warm bath, massage your body with this special lotion, light a candle and visualize yourself getting all that you desire!

Packed with powerful skin nourishing oils and shea butter but not greasy *Argan Oil *Shea Oil *Jojoba Oil *Olive Oil *Grapeseed Oil *Mango Butter Great to use if you suffer from eczema and psoriasis, and rashes.

Give it a few days, and you will notice a visible difference. LONG LASTING MOISTURE - The moisture lasts all day. No need to reapply

Listing is for a 3 oz bottle  Each Lalu's Treasure product is cleansed with Palo Santo before being shipped out.