Post Partum Yoni Steam

Post Partum Yoni Steam

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Congrats on your new birth mama!

I made this steam with you in mind. Not only did you carry your love bug for how ever many months, but you brought them earthside and that can take ALOT out of a woman. I wanted to create something that will help with your healing journey.

My Yoni Steams are made with Organic Herbs such as ( Please note that all herb blends are subject to change without notice, depending on availability ORGANIC: MUGWORT, LAVENDER, ROSE, CHAMOMILE, MOTHERWORT, SPEARMINT, CALENDULA, RASPBERRY LEAVE, BASIL, CLOVE, CHASTE BERRY, OREGANO, THYME ARE herbs used in the different blends in different combinations.)

What is Yoni Steaming?

It's a beautiful opportunity to connect the divine feminine with these amazing healing plant medicines. The steam enters the vaginally tissues and allows the woman to physically, emotionally and spiritually release that which is old, stagnant and no longer serving her.

Take between 20 to 30 minutes, place a covering over your knees to keep as much steam in and simply RELAX. You may meditate and visualise if you desire but it is your INTENTION which serves you best.

Now if you are still bleeding from your labor, our steams are not recommended, BUT you can use them in as an Herbal Tea or even in your Bath, combined with Epsom Salt for a detox soak.

This listing is for 1.5 Oz and Instructions on Use

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