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Cascarilla (pronounced: ka-ska-ree-ya) powder comes from the Hoodoo tradition and the main and only ingredient is powdered eggshell, yes as simple as it sounds, it is a miraculous dust with outstanding performance when it comes to protection and cleansing. 

*Cascarilla Dust*

How to use: Protecting your house Take a pinch of Cascarilla powder. Ask the Divine/Spirit/ God(s) & Goddess(es) to bless this house with their radiant light, to bring peace and blessings to everyone who enjoys this roof. Blow the powder in the air. Repeat in all rooms-remember to do the same in blind spots: attics, basements etc. 

For enhanced protection, sprinkle Cascarilla powder to the corners of each room that you can reach (there is no point moving around the whole wardrobe to sprinkle the powder unless you feel like hoovering as well). Feel like doing some outdoors spell, then create a circle around your house with Cascarilla powder. This is one of the oldest known magical practices to protect the house.

Comes with one vile of apx 1 oz of powder.