Selenite Crystal Ball

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Listing for 1 Large Selenite Ball Keep it on your person to purify your personal energy field.  Use it to cleanse your other crystals, minerals + altar tools. Incorporate it into crystal meditations.  Selenite gets its name from the Moon Goddess, Selene + its energy is  appropriately radiant, feminine +  gently powerful. This stone emits super-healing, neutralizing, purifying, cleansing vibrations+ holds a great connection to the third eye.  Spheres radiate energy smoothly and evenly in all directions. They can also slow down and neutralise harmful or unbalanced energies. They are connected to the Earth, other Planets or the Moon. Sphere’s help open the Third Eye Chakra, assisting people in developing clairvoyance. It is no surprise that Crystal Spheres are traditionally used for scrying. They can be passed through the aura in crystal healing or held over the chakras. Sphere’s will need a stand for display, they bring a peaceful and grounded energy to the home. Place them in the centre of crystal grids for earth healing, harmony, protection or psychic development. Each Lalu's Treasure product is cleansed with Palo Santo before being shipped out.