Tea Blending + Tasting Workshop

Tea Blending + Tasting Workshop

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This workshop opens the door to the art of mixing medicinal herbs with fragrant plants and rich flavors – showing you how to make blends that anyone will love to drink!

Students will work with a wide botanical palette that will be filled with deeply fragrant blossoms, delicate spices, brightly dried fruits and smoky roots, berries and medicinal plants.  

The workshop will cover :

  • How to create flavor profiles and combinations
  • Different types of tea leaves and how to weave them into your formulas
  • How to mix bitter herbs into pleasing formulas
  • Thinking outside the box: using spices, flowers, roots and fruits in your tea!
  • Making blends that are powerful medicinal formulas

Attendees will learn about the art, history and culture of tea blending as well as tips and tricks for creating your perfect brew. Guests will enjoy a cup of tea as they learn about the different uses of popular herbs and spices.

Each workshop is 1.5 hours long and takes place in Eastern Time.

Great for Company’s Team Buildings, Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Family Reunions or a fun girls night out! 
(For purchasing more than 5 tickets, please reach out: Inbox me or call 346-371-0285 with any questions!)