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Not everyone needs advice, sometimes you just need a listening ear.

What to Expect?

Active Listening

Lalu Khepera, a trained empathetic listener, will provide you with undivided attention without any judgment or reaction, we are here simply to listen to you. I can help you work through your problems by asking reflective questions and showing empathetic regard.

What is active listening-

Active listening is a skill that requires full attention to the speaker and consists of verbal and non-verbal cues displayed by the listener. In essence, it’s listening to understand, and not listening to respond.

  • Purposeful way of listening and responding
  • Whole and undivided attention, free of distractions
  • Suspension of judgment
  • Reflective questions to help you come to your own conclusions
  • Empathetic regard


 **Disclaimer** I'm not a medical professional. I can't and won't prescribe any medicine or advise you to take any or stop if you are currently on any.

OUR 30 MINUTES SESSIONS ARE DONE OVER THE TELEPHONE. If you feel as if you need more time, I got you! Just book your sessions back to back. 


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Hope to hear from you soon! 🦋