Yoni Egg (Rose Quartz)

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Yoni eggs are egg-shaped crystals used in the vaginal canal for physical, sexual, and spiritual revitalization. The most commonly used Jade Eggs, dating back to royal dynasties in Ancient times, were used to enhance women's healing abilities, creative expression and spiritual power through their sexual energy.

Today, Yoni eggs are used for a wide variety of reasons including PMS relief, womb wellness, emotional healing, spiritual growth and so much more!

Ours are Rose Quartz.
Rose quartz yoni eggs are all about love, love for your body, love for your partner, and love for your spirit and life. Rose quartz emits a beautiful healing energy of calm. This lovely pink stone is all about opening the heart chakra, which so many of us have closed. A rose quartz yoni egg may help you feel more connected to your divine self than ever before.

We have 3 sizes for you to pick from. when using Yoni Egg most of the time we will start our practice with a larger egg and as our dexterity grows, we will go down in size. The larger the egg the easier it is for us to feel and for the muscles to grip it. Although the larger the egg the heavier it is, so it gets harder to keep it in for long periods of time. If you cannot keep the egg in at first, do not get discouraged, it is completely normal for beginners – start practicing while laying down or sitting up.

What is the difference between drilled and undrilled eggs?
A drilled egg has a hole in it you can put a string through that will allow you to pull the egg out by command or attach a weight to. The drilled eggs could be used without a string as well.

This is for 1 Egg