Yoni Steam Intention: Bossing Up; Draw in Prosperity

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I created this steam with organic herbs that help to draw in Money, Abundance and Prosperity. I even put in a protection herb!
All herbs are skillfully picked for their womb and reproductive system healing properties.

Benefits: Used by women for centuries as a form of hydrotherapy to support:
Feminine health and confidence
Hormonal balance
Vaginal cleansing
Increased blood flow

Usage: Remove herbs from the bag. Pour herbs into steaming water (110-115 degrees F or 43-46 degrees C) in our Yoni Steaming Seat. Let the steam rise to cleanse your vaginal area. Be careful to avoid burns. Do not touch water to skin until water temperature reduces and it is safe to touch. When the water temperature reduces (to less than 110 degrees F or 43 degrees C) and it is safe to touch, you can utilize the hand pump of our Steaming Seat to aid in cleansing the inner vaginal area for a douching effect.

Ingredients: Herbs used in my steams may consist of:
Motherwort, rosemary, mugwort, lavender, calendula, rose petals, albizia, oregano, safflower, basil, aloe vera, mint, comfrey, motherwort, etc

Recommendation: Use together with our Yoni Steaming Seat.