Yoni Steam Seats+DIY Kits

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Our Yoni Seat is perfect for those who want to yoni seam in the comfort of their own home.

This medical grade plastic seat is very comfortable and can be used on the floor or you can place it in your toilet. We prefer to place it on the ground and kneel over it during our steaming ritual.

With these seats it’s simple:  1)Sit your yoni steam seat on your toilet 🚽.

2)boil your water and add your herbs .

3)Pour the mixture into your seat, be sure not to let it over flow.

  4)Check the temperature before sitting down.

5)Relax and steam for 30 to 45min. 


Medical grade polymer materials are an essential part of the modern healthcare system. These materials comply with global regulatory requirements and are specifically engineered and manufactured for medical use. In our case, their availability is guaranteed for a longer period than ordinary grades.

Our Steams Help with balancing PH Levels

Each Lalu's Treasure product is cleansed with Palo Santo before being shipped out.